Title- Missionary Works !!!

Lecturing, rewriting, sharing, and teaching the Buddha’s discourses are important missionary works. Performing missionary works mean encouraging others to follow the Buddha’s Teachings which can be summed up as: “to refrain from all evils, to do what is good, and to purify the mind”.

First of all, a missionary must cultivate loving-kindness towards all beings and help or teach them to dispel their wrong views which can bring evil consequences. Among the demeritorious actions, the five heinous deeds of killing one’s mother, killing one’s father, killing an arahat, causing blood to settle on the body of the Buddha, and causing schism in the Samgha Order are the worst. Even though the perpetrator of these deeds has done a great deal of meritorious deeds, these cannot help him. He will be cast into hell (the Niraya) immediately on his death. Only when he is released from the Niraya, his meritorious deeds of the past existence will bear him good fruits.

A person, who has held a wrong view earns greater demerit than a person who has killed his parents. If a person who has committed one of the five heinous deeds, were to fall to the Niraya when the world is about to be destroyed, he has the opportunity to be released from there at the time of destruction of the world. But the staunch wrong-viewer has to be shuffled to the Niraya of another world which remains undestroyed if the time for his release is not yet due at the time of the dissolution of the world.

The missionary work can salvage one from such grave offence. This can also upgrade one’s mentality in this very life and can help one to attain good future existence. Even more, it can help one to be able to end all sufferings. Therefore, it should be considered how noble and beneficial the missionary work is. Everyone should participate in the missionary work and strive for the proliferation of the Truth.

In doing so, one should cultivate loving-kindness on all wrong-believers. If possible, guidance them to be able to escape from wrong-view. Imparting the Buddha’s Doctrine to others is one of the missionary works. The Buddha expounded that there is no other deed as meritorious as imparting the Buddha’s Doctrine.

Everybody has chances to take part in the missionary works. We must try our best to make those who have not yet believed in the Buddha’s Teachings come to believe in the Teachings, and those who have already believed in the Buddha’s Teachings come to believe all the more. If it is possible, we should go to the places where the Buddha’s Teachings have not well-developed to be developed. If we ourselves are unable to do so, we ought to give support to the persons or bhikkhus who are serving for that purpose.

Some Examples of Missionary Works are:

• Making Others Take Refuge In the Three Gems
• Participating In Religious Associations
• Supporting the Learners of the Buddhist Literatures
• Supporting Those Who Are Practising The Dhamma
• Promotion and Propagation of the Buddhist Literatures
• Performing Religious Activities At Home
• Performing Religious Activities In The Community

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