Title- Fourteen Kinds of Puggalika Dana

The Buddha enumerated the benefits of the various types of Puggalika dana as follows.

There are altogether fourteen types of individuals as donee; namely,



  1. the Buddha,
  2. the Lesser Buddha (Pacceka Buddha),
  3. one who has attained Arahatta-phala (Arahat),
  4. one who has attained Arahatta-magga,
  5. one who has attained Anagami-phala (Anagami),
  6. one who has attained Anagami-magga,
  7. one who has attained Sakadagami-phala (Sakadagami),
  8. one who has attained Sakadagami-magga,
  9. one who has attained Sotapatti-phala (Sotapanna),
  10. one who has attained Sotapatti-magga,
  11. the recluse who has attained supernormal powers outside the Buddha’s Teaching (Sasana),
  12. the worldling who keeps moral precepts,
  13. the worldling with no morality, and
  14. the animals.



The meritorious deed of offering a meal to an animal may bear benefits which enables one to enjoy longevity, good looks, happiness, great strength and great wisdom for one hundred existences.


Donating a meal to a person with no morality will bear the same results for one thousand existences whereas offering a meal to a person with morality will produce the same results for one lakh existences.


Again, offering a meal to a recluse with supernormal powers will bear similar benefits for ten-lakh million existences, and offering a meal to one who has attained Sotapattimagga will produce similar benefits for countless numbers of existences.


Offering a meal to Noble Ones (Ariyas), the Lesser Buddha and the Buddha can produce infinite benefits for infinite existances.


Note that the benefits significantly escalate from 14(the animals) to 1(the Buddha).


Only if one makes donation to an immoral person with a connivance towards that person’s misdeed, such donation is a blameworthy one. But if one donates something to such a person without discrimination the type of donee and without a connivance towards a donee’s misdeed, such donation is blameless.


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