Title- Religious Activities In The Community

Performing religious activities in the community is one form of the important tasks for the perpetuation and propagation of the Buddha’s Teachings. Wards and, villages are made up of families. Groups of wards and villages form towns, districts, divisions, states and country. Thus, if the Buddha’s Teachings can be established in each family and community, the Buddha Teachings will flourish in the whole country.

When we follow the Buddha’s Teachings, we shall gain happiness and success not only in the present life but also in the next existences. Moreover, in our final existence, we shall attain the ultimate peace of Nibbana. It is very precious to be a Buddhist. To be able to enjoy such a precious life, ignorant persons and wrong viewers should be converted into wise persons and right viewers. In doing so, organizations should be formed in villages and townships and lectures and discussions should be held extensively.

According to the Buddha’s advice, One Should Not Only Perform Meritorious Deeds But Also Urge Others To Do So.

Four types of persons are mentioned in the Buddhist literature as follows: —

(1) A person who himself does meritorious deeds but does not urge others to do so;

(2) A person who urges others to do meritorious deeds but he himself does not do so;

(3) A person who does not himself do meritorious deeds nor urges others to do so;

(4) A person who himself does meritorious deeds and urges others to do so.

Their different attitudes and activities bring different benefits to them. When they reap the benefits of their meritorious deeds in future existences:

-The first person enjoys great wealth but lacks companionship;

-The second person enjoys companionship but lacks wealth;

-The third person enjoys neither wealth nor companionship;

-The fourth person enjoys both wealth and companionship.

According to this discourse, it is obvious that a person, who himself does the meritorious deeds and urges others to do so, will enjoy the greatest benefits among the four types of persons. Therefore to lead the community to participate in religious activities is of great importance.

There are two main objectives in doing the religious activities in the community:

(1) to bring peace and prosperity to the members of community not only in the present lives but also in future existences, and

(2) to promote unity among the community.

Hence peace and happiness cannot be achieved by the physical progress alone has been demonstrated by the people of technically advanced countries. The moral progress is very essential to achieve true peace and happiness in life. The Buddha’s Teachings can actually furnish the spiritual and moral progress to all human beings.

Therefore, every citizen should participate in the noble missionary work of propagating the Buddha’s Teachings in the community as well as in the whole country so that all the people are spiritually and morally developed to enjoy peace and happiness to the fullest extent.

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