Title- Good Kamma and Right View



Everyone should comprehend the true nature of Kamma exactly, correctly and completely. All good Kammas and bad Kammas bring about their full results, if the volition is strong at the three stages, namely; the volition that arises before the action (Pubba-cetana), the volition that arises at the time of action (Munca-cetana) and the volition that arise after the action (Apara-cetana). Kammas will remain effective and will produce good or bad results in the endless round of existences of an individual throughout the long Samsara. This fact implies that everyone can create his or her own destiny. In order to accumulate good Kammas, correctness of view (Ditthijukamma)- https://web.facebook.com/notes/buddhism-for-beginners/tboma10ditthijukammaright-belief/635030669887058 is of paramount importance to all beings. Only the person with the right view will realize the benefits of Kamma, by doing good actions bodily, verbally and mentally. As the results of these good actions, that person will be reborn either as a human being or as a celestial being.




On the other hand, those who are wrong viewers, do not believe in and accept the Law of Kamma and Its Results. So they make mistakes repeatedly in their deeds, words and thoughts. Because of their evil actions, they will be reborn in miserable realms again and again. They will also face with various miseries and difficulties. Therefore, the Buddha preached that “Of all evils, having a wrong view is the most heinous one”. Wrong view (Miccha-ditthi)- https://web.facebook.com/notes/buddhism-for-beginners/ditthiwrong-view/617951861594939 is the main cause of all evil actions.



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