Title- Ten Kinds of Improper Charity


The followings are regarded as improper charity mentioned in the Buddhist literatures:


1. Majja dana = offering intoxicants,

2. Samajja dana = donating for staging a show or a play,

3. Itthi dana = offering a woman for sexual enjoyment,

4. Usabha dana = letting off a bull into the midst of a herd of cows (for reproduction),

5. Citta kamma dana = donating pornographic pictures and paintings,

6. Sattha dana = offering weapons,

7. Visa dana = giving poison,

8. Sankhalika dana = offering iron fetters,

9. Kukkutasukara dana = offering poultry and pigs,

10. Tulakuta manakuta dana = offering defective balances and incorrect measuring baskets.


Although these ten kinds of offering are not included in Dana, some may have offered these things; he will be reborn in a woeful abode. So we should be careful to abstain from offering these ten kinds of improper charity.



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