Title- Eight Inopportune Conditions & The Rare Ninth Opportune Time

In the present world, there are seven kinds of causes (conditions) for not having an opportunity of listening to the ‘dhamma’ while Buddha became manifest. Again, besides, as no Buddha became manifest in the present world, there was a different kind of cause for not having an opportunity of listening and practicing the ‘dhamma’ due to non-appearance of someone who had to preach the ‘cacca’ ‘dhamma’. Thus there are eight kinds of causes (conditions) in total. Due to a certain condition of obstacle, that opportunity is unable to be obtained.


Buddha preached on the obstacle conditions preventing one from listening and practicing the ‘dhamma’, as follows:


“Certain ones are –


(1) Being in existence at ‘niraya’;


(2) Being in existence at animal races;


(3) Being in existence at ‘piratta’(‘hungry ghosts’) world;


(4) Being in existence at a long-aged mind only or matter only Brahma’s abodes; either they got to these kinds of conditions,


(5) A certain person was at a place being far away from the countryside. That person was from the wild human race having less knowledge. (At that place there were no ‘bhikkhus’, ‘bhikkhunis’, ‘upasakas’, and ‘upasikas’, etc);


(6) A certain person was in the ‘Majjhima Region’(‘where Buddha became manifest & where Buddha’s Teachings were flourish’). But he was also the one having the wrong doctrine-ditthi, such as ‘there were no advantages of giving the religious offerings; no result of good deeds and evil deeds; there were no rebirth of creatures after death, etc.


(7) This person was in the ‘Majjhima Region’; but he was the unwise, or the foolish, or the deaf-mute, or being unable to know the meaning of good and bad words. This is also non-opportunity of condition (cause) for practicing the excellent deed.


(8) Buddha did not become manifest, and there was nobody who had to preach on ‘The Four Noble Truths’. This is also non-opportunity”, said Buddha.


{Akkhana Sutta}


Therefore, it is a very rare opportunity either to be in human existence, or for listening to the ‘dhamma’ of up-right, conscientious ones. Thus, one should listen to the ‘dhamma’ of up-right, conscientious ones, and besides, he should practice the deed in order to know that how he could comprehend that ‘dhamma’ of up-right, conscientious. In fact, one should not miss the good opportunity, the short-lasting one or “The Rare Ninth Opportune Time” whilst escapes from “Eight Inopportune Conditions”. If one can practice the ‘ariya magga’ deed correctly in time, he will not meet with and suffer a kind of event like, “that of a marchant being distressed all day and night for a long time since his profit and benefit were ruined”.

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