Title- The Charity Which Resembles Sotapanna


The Charity, which resembles Sotapanna and which bears great benefits, is as following:



(1) The name of the donor is written on a piece of paper and the monk chosen by lot is offered alms-food. This kind of alms-giving is called Salakabatta-dana.

(2) Pakkhikabatta-dana is the charity which is performed by one who has kept eight moral precepts on Buddhist fasting days.

(3) The charity of offering robes to monks at the beginning of the Buddhist rains-retreat period.

(4) The charity of donating wells and ponds.

(5) The charity of donating monastic dwellings, religious halls, and public rest-houses.

The donor of these kinds of charity just like a Sotapanna, will never be reborn in woeful abodes, he will be always reborn in blissful abodes. So these kinds of charity are also called greatly beneficial charity.



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