Title- Conceit of Physical Beauty



The conceit of physical beauty is also called the conceit of personal appearance. Because of being free from dosa (hatred) in the previous existences, offering flowers, cleaning the pagoda and monastery precincts, etc., one becomes famous for beauty in the present existence. One may well take pride in such pleasant appearance.

However, on reflecting one’s past, recalling how one had been free from hatred and had been virtuous donors of water, flowers, etc., one should not feel conceited in this life. One should try to culture good thoughts and be gentle and virtuous.

Note: The virtuous, who had attained Nibbana could have taken pride in themselves and their conceit could have risen sky-high if they had wished to. Some had been of royal blood. In the realm of wisdom, a Bodhisatta, the wise Mahosadha was world-famous. Among women, there were the virtuous and beautiful such as Uppalavanna, Khema, Yasodhara who were of high birth, of great wealth and knowledge and also of great beauty and charm. Such men and women were not conceited for their wisdom, caste, virtue or beauty.

On the other hand, people of inferior status are conceited for their caste, knowledge, pretty wealth and common beauty as in the Myanmar saying: ” In a grove of shrubs, the castor-oil plant reigns” which means just like “the fox is being the king among the dogs”___it is indeed a great shame.

One who is conceited, one with vain pride, one who is haughty, will be hated by others and having lived in vain, will be reborn in lower woeful abodes in successive existences. Hence you should uproot your conceit and be as humble “as a snake whose fangs are removed, as the bull whose horns are broken, as the doormat stepped on with dirty feet” so that you may soar higher and higher in status in future existences.

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