Title- How To Live As A Good Buddhist E-book (I Recommend Downloading This E-book)

Anyone who really wants to step-up from Beginner to Advanced Level of Buddhism should do further study by himself, better by reading reliable Dhamma books. Because it’s not so easy to find Bhikkhus or Monks to ask in some regions of the world. So, I decide to upload reliable good books for your further study. If you have confusions and unknown facts to ask, I am here in my group to answer as much as I know as a guide. May you all be able to gain better knowledge and wisdom. May you all be “The Good Buddhists” by understanding “How To Live As A Good Buddhist”.

This Precious And Reliable Book Published By “Department For The Promotion And Propagation Of The Sasana, The Ministry Of Religious Affairs”, In My Country, Myanmar, Will Cover The Following Titles To Learn About Buddhism More Effectively;

Part I:

Chapter(1)-Man & His Religion
Chapter(2)-Faith In The Three Jems
Chapter(3)-Becoming A Buddhist
Chapter(4)-How A Buddhist Fall From His State
Chapter(5)-Placing Buddha Images In Homes Of Buddhists
Chapter(6)-What A Good Buddhist Believes
Chapter(7)-Benefits Of Reverencing The Three Jewels
Chapter(8)-The Ten Virtues Of A Good Lay Devotee
Chapter(9)-Things Buddhists Should Avoid
Chapter(10)-The Daily Life Of A Buddhist
Chapter(11)-To Learn Pali And Meanings By Heart
Chapter(12)-Gihivinaya Social Duties For All Human Beings
Chapter(13)-Pali Verses Of Protection For Recitation
Chapter(14)-Auspicious And Glorious Pali Gathas
Chapter(15)-How To Converse With Bhikkhus

Part II:

Chapter(1)-How To Take Thoughts Of The Virtues
Chapter(2)-The Method Of Counting Beats
Chapter(3)-The Meaning And Nature Of Kamma
Chapter(4)-Evils And Morally Good
Chapter(5)-Dana, Sila, Bhavana
Chapter(6)-Samsara And Thirty-One Planes Of Existences
Chapter(7)-Suttas For Recitation
Chapter(8)-Extracts From The Pali Text Translation


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Posted by Ye' Thu Aung on Friday, June 24, 2016


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