Title- An Ordinary Worldling’ s Future Existence Is Insecure & Unstable Before the Attainment of Ariyaship

The Pali Chanting By the Buddha:


 “Nannatra Bojjhatapasa,

Nannatra Indriya Samvara,

Nannatra Sabbanissagga,

Sotthim Passamipaninam”


{Extract from Subrahma Sutta}






I (the Buddha) never see the way to liberation for living beings, without themselves practicing the Enlightenment Factors (Bojjhanga Dhammas), Austerity Practice (Dutanga), and Right Exertion (Sammappadana);


I (the Buddha) never see the way to liberation for living beings, without themselves controlling the sense faculties (Indriya Samavara Sila);


I (the Buddha) never see the way to liberation for living beings, without themselves realizing the cessation of craving (Nibbana).


Background Story of the Verse



Subrahma was a devaputta of Tavatimsa, and one day went to the Nandawuna Park with one thousand nymphs. Five hundred of them sat with him under the Paricchattaka tree, while the others climbed the tree, from which they threw garlands and sang songs. Suddenly all of them vanished and were born in Avici. Subrahma, discovering their destiny and investigating his own, finds that he and the rest of his ladies too would die after seven days and would be reborn in Avici Niraya. Being very much frightened, Subrahma and the rest five hundred nymphs went to the Buddha and asked Him to teach them the way of escaping from such terrifying future. The Buddha then uttered the Pali Verse beginning with “Nannatra”.



On hearing this Pali Verse, Subrahma Deva and his five hundred divine-ladies attained Sotapatti Fruition by practicing Bojjhanga Dhammas with right exertion. They were all saved from the danger of Niraya, and continued to enjoy the celestial pleasure for a long life.



This story points out the fact that “an ordinary worldling’ s future existence is insecure & unstable before the attainment of ariyaship”. So we must try our best for the attainment of ariyaship while the Sasana is flourishing.




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