Title- The Story of Bakula, The Donor of Medicines



The ascetic Bakula-to-be was one who attained supernormal powers at time of Buddha Anomadassi. One day, the Buddha Anomadssi suffered from flatulence. On hearing this matter, the ascetic gathered in Himavamta medical plants such as tubers, bulbs and roots, which could cure the Buddha’s stomatch trouble. He prepared a kind of medicine from the herbs and offered it to the Buddha. The Buddha Anomadassi was immediately relieved from stomatch trouble after taking the medicine. The ascetic approached the Buddha and made a wish thus: “As a result of offering medicine to the Buddha Anomadassi, may I be free from all diseases in all my future existences, and may not my body contract an ailment even for a moment”.




As the result of offering medicine to the Buddha, he was reborn repeatedly only in the human world or celestial realm. Finally he was reborn in the human world as the youth named Bakula. After enjoying worldly pleasures for eighty years, he was ordained as a bhikkhu in Gotama Buddha’s Sasana. He practised the Ariya Path of Eight Constituents and, not long afterward, he became an arahat, the perfect one. As he was completely free from any disease, he was conferred the title of Etadagga-the best and incomparable one in enjoying good health. He lived without any ailment till the age of one hundred and sixty years; he then realized Parinibbana, the final death with the realization of Nibbana. Because his wish to be free from all diseases was fulfilled, he was designated as “the one who is free from any disease or ailment”.




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