Title- 14 Unwholesome Mental Factors That Influence The Mind (Akusala Cetasikas)

Mind can only know objects; it by itself cannot determine good or evil. It is on account of the different cetasikas (mental factors) that the consciousness becomes good or evil. The followings are the fourteen unwholesome mental factors which make the consciousness unwholesome.

1. Moha = delusion,
2. Ahirika = moral shamelessness,
3. Anottappa = moral fearlessness,
4. Uddhacca = distraction, restlessness,
5. Lobha = greed,
6. Ditthi = wrong view,
7. Mana = conceit,
8. Dosa = hatred, anger,
9. Issa = envy,
10. Macchariya = jealousy, selfishness,
11. Kukkucca = remorse,
12. Thina = sloth,
13. Middha = torpor,
14. Vicikiccha = doubt, skepticism

(a+kusala = opposite of + wholesome = unwholesome)


The akusala cetasikas (unwholesome mental factors) are present in the stream of consciousness of everyone. We often hear or see the evil power of greed, hatred, pride, etc. The whole world, due to akusala mental factors, is full of turmoil and atrocities. We even come across such evils ourselves.

May I be able to lessen the forces of unwholesome mental factors in my own self. May my friends and acquaintances irrespective of age or status be able to cultivate good minds! May readers of this post nurture good minds, good attitudes and good thoughts.


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Title- 14 Wholesome Mental Factors That Influence The Mind (Kusala Cetasikas)


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