Title- The Only Way Leading To Nibbana



~~~ In Buddhism there is a perfect system of Mind control or Mental culture. The Mind is the most essential factor in Buddhism, and must therefore be kept at the highest pitch of efficiency; for, only the cultured Mind can develop wisdom which will enable one to see Light and the Truth.


There are Four Noble Truths on which the whole doctrine of Buddhism is based. They are

(1) the Truth of Suffering Dukkha Sacca,

(2) the Truth of the Cause of the Suffering Samudaya Sacca ,

(3) the Truth of Cessation of Suffering Niroda Sacca, and

(4) the Truth of the Path Leading to the Cessation of Suffering Magga Sacca.


The existence of every sentient being, the aggregate of the 5 Khandhas, is the source of all kinds of misery and all forms of suffering. This existence is the inevitable and necessary effect of the cause of attachment or craving.


Existence is also the result of ignorance of the Truth. By desire, continual existence is produced. Cessation of existence (or suffering) is affected only by the destruction of craving. The practice of the Noble Eight-Fold Path which consists of:

(1) Right View,

(2) Right Thought,

(3) Right Speech,

(4) Right Action,

(5) Right Living,

(6) Right Endeavour,

(7) Right Mindfulness, and

(8) Right Concentration, leads to the extinction of human passion. This destruction of passion leads to the full four stages of emancipation or sanctification, which in turn leads to Nibbana. Without this emancipation, Nibbana cannot be realized or attained.


The fundamental doctrine of the Buddha regards birth as the result of ignorance and craving or attachment arising from error of self, which ends in misery or suffering.


The Buddha therefore enjoins on all his followers to abandon different kinds of attachment by continual practice of mindfulness for attaining Enlightenment.


The Goal of Buddhism is Bodhi Enlightenment or the Awakening to Reality. The main aim of the Buddha’s Teaching is to realize Nibbana, i.e. the cessation of all kinds of suffering. Buddhism is in fact a means for attaining Enlightenment. In other words, the whole practice of Buddhism may be regarded as a process of attaining right understanding of Reality. For it is only through practice of mindfulness or vigilant awareness and meditation on Mind and Matter that one can see things as they really are: —-


Analytical reflection upon the constituent parts of one’s body or of others reveals the fact that they are devoid of any permanent soul (Atta).The awareness of this fact puts an end to the erroneous views about self, individuality or personality belief which are based upon illusory conceptions, and this enables one to escape from the world of suffering in Samsara.


Fundamentally Buddhism teaches that man must rely on himself in working out his own deliverance and that he can liberate himself away from suffering and woeful consequence of perpetual existence of birth and death by the perfect realization as to the very nature of suffering, its origin, its cessation and the way leading to cessation. There is none that can save a man but himself. It is he himself who must work the Way or Path leading to Nibbana.


Mental training or practice is highly essential for one’s mental development and such training or practice must be carried out in a methodical way for absolute purification of the Mind. Only what is actually experienced is rightly understood. It is therefore obvious that by this practice of mindfulness the right knowledge is gained.


In Buddhism we can apply mindfulness as to body, feelings, consciousness and states of mind. The method or mental training for development is intent contemplation on the

(1) body,

(2) feeling,

(3) consciousness and,

(4) mental states which must be realized as they truly are.


The Four-Fold Foundation of Mindfulness called Satipatthana in Pali is the ingredient of Samma-Sati (Right Mindfulness) which in itself is an ingredient of the Noble Eightfold Path. The Four-Fold foundation of Mindfulness is the primary factor in the practice of the Noble Eight-Fold Path as the exercise thereof does amount to practicing all the factors of the whole Noble Path. The practice of the Four-Fold Foundation of Mindfulness is the only right way for one’s attainment of peace and realization of Nibbana. “This is the only way to Nibbana”, the Buddha said.


The Buddha pointed out to his disciples that the only way that leads to attainment of purity, to the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, to the end of pain and grief, to the entering upon the right path and the realization of Nibbana is the Four-Fold Foundation of Mindfulness.


If one’s analyses his own being into its constituent parts, either by dividing it into the aggregates of body, feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness, or by other more minute division, one will finally realize the truth that there is no self or soul anywhere to be found. What he took to be a self or soul was only an idea holding together the constituent parts of his being. It is often the last and most tenacious illusion which stands in the way of seeing Reality.


The Buddha said, “I do not preach that the cessation of the world of suffering could be done without attainment of Nibbana. Within this fathom-long body, with its thoughts and emotions, I declare the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world and the path leading to the cessation of the world.”


That’s why it’s of vital importance to do Vipassana Meditation (The Practice of Mindfulness on Mind and Matter or The Only Way Leading to Nibbana). ~~~



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