Title- Detailed Explanation of The Dependent Origination (Paticcasamuppada)-Part 4



Paticcasamuppada In Reverse (Stoppage of Samsaric Dukkha)






Avijja tweva asesaviraga nirodha sankhara nirodho,

Sankhara nirodha vinnana nirodho,

Vinnana nirodha nama-rupa nirodho,

Nama-rupa nirodha salayatana nirodho,

Salayatana nirodha phassa nirodho,

Phassa nirodha vedana nirodho,

Vedana nirodha tanha nirodho,

Tanha nirodha upadana nirodho,

Upadana nirodha bhava nirodho,

Bhava nirodha jati nirodho,

Jati nirodha jara-maranam soka parideva dukkha domanassupayasa nirujjhanti,

Eva metassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandhassa nirodho hoti.




If ignorance (avijja) ceases completely by insight wisdom, all unwholesome/wholesome volitional activities cease (sankharas cease).

If sankharas cease, new rebirth-consciousness ceases (vinnana ceases).

If vinnana ceases, nama-rupa (mentality-materiality) cease.

If nama-rupa cease, six sense-faculties/sense-doors/sense-organs cease (salayatana cease).

If salyatana cease, phassa (touch/contact) ceases at six sense-doors.

If phassa ceases vedana ceases (feeling/sensation ceases).

If vedana ceases, tanha (lust/greed) ceases.

If tanha ceases, upadana ceases (grasping, clinging ceases).

If upadana ceases, becoming ceases (bhava ceases).

If bhava ceases, jati ceases (birth ceases).

If jati ceases, decay, death, sorrow, anxiety, grief, lamentation, crying cease (jara-marana, soka, parideva, dukkha, domanassa, upayasa cease).




In this way, all groups, all processes of khandha-life dukkha ceases in complete and total manner.






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