Title- Bhikkhu Ariya Venerable Sivali



He belonged to Sakyan Noble Race as his mother was Suppavasa of Koliya Sakyan Race. When Sivali happened to be conceived in her womb, she wonderfully got thousands of gifts from various quarters, from morning to night. Many persons came her to offer various, valuable presents.



When this rare, noble event or experience was known to her relatives, they asked for seeds that had been touched by her hand. When these seeds were scattered and sown in various fields or firms, even a single seed gave a huge produce of more than one thousand saplings, sprouts and embryos in an acre; so paddy had to be transported with fifty or sixty bullock carts.



After storing them in godowns and store rooms, the relative of the princess went to her and asked her to touch the doors with her own hands. Since Suppavasa had accumulated thousands of wholesome deeds in countless past existences, she possessed power, glory, and nobility to the full. So when paddies were taken out, fullness came again and again. No diminishing or gap could be seen in storage godowns. In addition to these wholesome miracles there were even more wonders: even after feeding all townspeople with food, no shortage occurred in pots and saucers. But due to past evil kamma, the Venerable Sivali, at nativity period, had to confine in his mother’s womb for seven years. Also, his mother suffered great troublesome child-birth pains for seven days due to her past misdeeds in previous lives.



So the Princess at present existence followed the noble wholesome deeds in three ways:




  • 1)Recollection of the Nine Supreme Virtues of the Exalted One…


  • 2)Recollection of the Nine Supreme Virtues of the Holy Samgha Order…


  • 3)Remembrance of the Supreme, Permanent Absolute Peace of Nibbana Dhatu Element…




These wise, good remembrances were practiced everyday by having great endurance or patience at bodily and mental pains during confinement days. Later on, she invited her husband and made a humble request to go and tell the Supremely Self-Enlightened One, reporting the child-birth pains she now suffered.  She told him to remember the words of the Compassionate Buddha’s reply. So Koliya Prince went near the Blessed One and told the great severe troubles of Suppavasa Princess. When he heard the news, the Exalted One said: “Let Koliya Princess be free from illness and danger; let her in a state of normal, healthy condition. May she be safe and sound! May she have a good, noble son at this time”.



According to the wishes and blessings of the Compassionate One, a noble baby was born without trouble or danger, as Prince Koliya had reported the blessings of the All-knowing One to her. Overjoyed, she requested her husband to tell the Incomparable One to pay a visit to her house for alms-food known as Auspicious Meal to the Holy One and His Arahat Disciples. She termed this “food offering” as “Long-life Ceremony or Auspicious Food Offering”. So for seven consecutive days, the Enlightened One and His disciples took meals at her house. The ceremony, being great and grand with Noble Ones, became famous in the city. With good, right aim, she gave alms to the Samgha with great, various items of gifts.



Her son was named “Sivali”, meaning one who had pacified the anxiety of mother and relatives, having been born alive though staying seven years in womb. As he had been seven years old at his birth, he could speak, walk; do just like other seven-years-olds. At his honour his parents filtered water purely from filter pots to offer pure drinking water to Arahats.



On the seventh day, the last day of food offering ceremony, the Great Arahat Venerable Sariputta asked Sivali whether it was pleasant to stay in a womb. He replied the nature of “dukkha” in birth or in conception very clearly. His mother was delighted to see a dialogue between the Greatest Disciple who was matchless in the attainment of wisdom with her only young son. So the Venerable Thera asked the boy whether he would like to enter the Holy Samgha Order as novice and bhikkhu. He replied in the affirmative, seeing the dukkha of repeated births in samsaric series. The Venerable Sariputta told him to get permission from his parents. His parents gave consent. Therefore, the Thera took him to Jetavana Monastery to be ordained as a novice, as a first step to get the status of bhikkhu.



While shaving the young boy’s head as enjoined by the Vinaya Rules and Regulations, the Thera recited the items of “Thirty-two Parts of Body” (Dwatimsakammathana) in five series to be meditated for calm and insight: kesa, hair of the head; loma, hair of the body; danta, teeth; nakha, nails; taco, flesh or skin—all five items, ending in taco (flesh) so that ugliness or foulness of 32 parts can be noted with mindfulness, up and down, reverse, and converse. Then the Venerable Sariputta said:  



“O Sivali need not tell faults of existence or life, Dukkha Sacca, as you have been trapped in your dirty mother’s womb for seven years. Life itself is dukkha___ill, uneasiness, pain, impermanence, and suffering. You have already experienced the facts of life in various ways, past and present”. Therefore Sivali took great and concentrated thought of the foulness of body. Right Thinking was practiced day by day to win life’s liberation.



As he was sure to become an Arahat in this very life, he won Sotapatti Supramundane Consciousness when tress of hair was shaved. He won the second magga citta, Sakadagami lokuttara consciousness when second tress was shaved. At the third shaving, he attained Anagamimagga citta. So finally he reached the final stage of holiness at the fourth shaving. All hairs had been discarded by now.



Since past virtuous deeds (kusala deeds, wholesome acts) still had potency or resultant kammic effect in this final life, he had to accept many items of Four Requisites as much as he liked; donors and devotees were ready at hand to give such gifts. This was due to Punna Effect, the Glorious Result of Previous Good Deeds. In order to test the good kamma and its consequence here he, with Buddha’s permission, took five hundred bhikkhus on a journey to a forest, Himalaya destination. At the start of this testing tour he met a Banyan Tree Guardian Deva who, for seven days, gave many alms to him and his followers. Thus, in this journey, he received eight great alms from several places where he stayed for a while:




  • 1) First, Banyan Tree…
  • 2) Second, Pandava Mountain…
  • 3) Third, Aciravati River…
  • 4) Fourth, Varasagara Ocean…
  • 5) Fifth, Himavanta Mountain… 
  • 6) Sixth, Saddan Lake…
  • 7) Seventh, Gandhamadana Mountain…
  • 8) Eighth, the Residence of Venerable Revata…




All devas there offered alms seven days each at the eight places. Divine food was served to Sivali.



Especially Venerable Revata received food from deities one day, milk-rice gruel, and second day, butter-rice, etc., turn by turn. Why he received celestial food in eight places? In his past life, during the time of Kassapa Buddha he performed special offering by lot, milk-rice gruel to the Order of Samgha several days with devoted mind, with noble aim and high attitude. Even Nagadatta Deity remembered this as he reported the past wholesome deed to the bhikkhus present.



While Gotama Buddha was travelling to the place of Venerable Khadiravaniyarevata, He saw Venerable Sivali was offered alms by several high dieties with divine food. So, at noble circumstance and place, the Exalted One declared: “Among My Arahat Disciples, I recognize Sivali Thera to be the most highest and unique of receiving highest gifts or alms”.






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