Title- Lay-woman Ariyas Khujjuttara and Samavati



Khujjuttara was the daughter of Ghosaka, the rich man’s guardian. She was called Khujjuttara because of her bent back.



Samavati was the daughter of Bhaddavatiya, the rich man of Bhaddiya. Khujjuttara and Samavati had the following virtues:



Samavati was adopted by Ghosaka as his daughter. She was made queen by King Udena.



One day while the Buddha was sitting together with his disciple bhikkhus at a florist’s house. Khujjuttara came to that house to buy flowers. There she gave her help in the donation of alms-food to the Buddha and his disciple bhikkhus. She learnt by heart all that the Buddha taught, and at the end of the teaching by the Buddha, she became Sotapatti Ariya.



Khujjuttara came back to Queen Samavati and shared the Buddha’s Teachings with her and her five-hundred attendants. They all became Sotapatti Ariyas.



Samavati and her attendants were set against one another by Queen Magandi. They managed to remain unaffected by contemplating metta, but at last Samavati was burnt to death. It was the result of her bad deed in her previous existence.



The Buddha bestowed on Khujjuttara the title of the Greatest of those female disciples who possessed wide knowledge and on Samavati the title of the Greatest of those female disciples who lived a life absorbed in metta contemplation.





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