Title- The Buddha Shines At All Times By Day & By Night



The Pali Chanting By the Buddha:



“Divatapati adicco rattima bhati candima

Sannaddho khattiyo tapati jhayi tapati brahmano

Atha sabbamahorattim Buddho tapati tejasa”






Only by day shines the sun; only by night shines the moon; only when adorned with regalia shines the king; only when in jhana-absorption shines the arahat; but by His glory the Buddha shines at all times by day and by night.





Background History of The Verse



The Buddha uttered the verse “Divatapati” when Venerable Ananda praised the Buddha’s glory by comparing it with the radiance of the sun, the radiance of the moon, the radiance of an arahat dwelling in jhana-absorption, and the glory of King Pasenadi of Kosala.





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