Title- Apacayana (Giving Due Respect To Others)



Apacayana means paying due respect to those who are worthy of respect. The Buddha, the Dhamma, the Samgha, parents, teachers, those who are older, more dignified and more virtuous than oneself, those who practice meditation and those who make strenuous effort for the development of their nation, the Buddha’s Teaching and their country, are worthy of respect. Everyone should pay them due respect by giving a warm welcome when they come, paying respect to them with joined palms raised to the forehead, paying homage to them, walking respectfully before them, bending slightly forward, etc. All these actions denote Apacayana. One who is endowed with Apacayana is loved by everyone and will be prosperous and successful in this very life. He will also be reborn in a good destination after death.




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Posted by Ye' Thu Aung on Thursday, April 14, 2016




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