Title- Realization of the Dhamma E-book



☸ Chapter (1)


-Who is the Buddha?
-The Life of the Buddha
-What is Dhamma?
-Kalama Sutta
-What is Sangha?
-What is Buddhism?
-What is Buddhasasana?



☸ Chapter (2)


-Supporting Parents is a Supreme Blessing
-The Way to Repay
-A Greatful Monk
-Who is an Enemy?
-Five Duties of Parents
-Five Duties of Children
-We learn it from Teachers
-Animosity over a Handful of Sesamum Seeds
-Five Duties of a Teacher
-Five Duties of a Pupil



☸ Chapter (3)


-The Five Precepts
-A Basic Sense of Humanity
-Kamma (Action and Reaction)
-Kamma or Karma
-Kamma is not Moral Justice
-Religions that believe in Kamma
-Different functions of Kamma
-A Blind Bhikkhu
-Kamma and Vipaka
-Akusala Kamma (unwholesome action)
-The Story of Losaka Tissa Thera
-Kusala Kamma (wholesome action)
-The Great Dana of a Poor Man
-Dependent Origination
-Dependent Origination in brief
-Ogress Kala Yakkhini



☸ Chapter (4)


-Samatha-Bhavana (Tranquility Meditation)
-Buddhanussati Bhavana
-Metta Bhavana
-The Great Advantage of Metta
-Development of tranquility concentration (samatha)
-Five Aggregates (Khandhas)
-Vipassana (Insight Meditation)
-The Noble Eightfold Path (Ariya Atthangika Magga)
-The Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca)
-Four Stages of Magga-Phala Nana
-Development of Insight (Vipassana)
-Mindfulness in Daily Life
-Seven benefits of Vipassana
-Healing incurable illness through Vipassana
-Never say it is incurable
-The Immediate Benefits of Meditation
-Miracle of Young Samaneras



☸ Chapter (5)


-What is Nibbana?
-Eight Worldly Conditions (Lokadhammas)
-The Right Aim is for Nibbana
-The Ten Perfections (Paramis)
-Fulfilment of perfection of Bodhisattas
-Prince Temiya who never speaks
-Don’t say it is easy
-They are very nice to me
-Five Hindrances (Nivaranas)
-Ten Defilements (Kilesas)
-Ten Obstacles (Palibodhas)
-Rarely find such a bhikkhu

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