Title- The Benefits of Alms-giving & Charity

One who gives to charity will attain the following benefits:


1. He is admired and adored by many people.

2. Virtuous donees will approach him for alms.

3. His good fame will spread far and wide.

4. He can join the gathering of any class of people without fear and hesitation.

5. He will be reborn in a celestial abode on his death.


Moreover, he will be the first to be honoured by noble samghas. The samghas will approach him first for collecting alms. So he will have the chance to be the first to offer alms-food first and the first to listen to the discourses.


Furthermore, the donor will enjoy special benefits such as longevity, good looks, great strength, great wisdom, fame and followers, happiness and free from sorrow, free from miseries and danger, free from diseases. He will be honoured by devas and men; he will have a chance to live happily together with his loved ones.


Charity softens the hearts of both the donor and the donee. It can make uncultured persons cultured. It can settle all matters successfully. It can make others listen to one’s words. It can directly or indirectly bring about the worldly riches of a Universal Monarch, King of all human-beings (cakkavatti), King of gods (Sakka) or Brahma and the supra-mundane benefits of gaining Savakaparami-nana (Ariya lay-devotees of Buddha), Pacceka-bodhinana (Lesser-Buddha who knows Ariya Truths Himself but can’t preach others to know), or Samma-sambodhinana (Buddha). It can help in attaining Jhana, Magga, Phala, and realizing Nibbana.


The benefits mentioned above are just a few and general. The benefits of alms-giving are so numerous that they cannot be mentioned in detail. No one except the Buddha can understand all the benefits of giving to charity.


Therefore, everyone should make great efforts to give to alms-giving and charity.



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