Title- Buddha Never Cherishes Craving For Existence

~~~ Bhavevaham bayam disva bhavanca vibhavesinam

Bhavam nabbivadim kinci nandinca na upadiyim ~~~



I understand that all beings who are born in the sensuous sphere, the fine material sphere and the non-material sphere are subjected to ageing, disease and death. I also see beings who are seeking liberation but they are on the wrong way and being reborn incessantly in the thirty-one planes of existence. So I never hold the view that all beings and things are permanent. So I do not have attachment to my existence (with attachment and wrong view). Neither do I cherish craving for existence (bhava-tanha).

Background History of The Verse

In the contest of psychic power between the Buddha and Baka Brahma, the latter tried first to vanish out of the sight of the Buddha and it was in vain. The Buddha could always see him wherever he hid. Then it was the turn of the Buddha to hide. The Buddha made a resolution: “May all Brahmas hear my voice only. May they not see me”.

He just sat there in hiding, uttering Pali verse beginning with “Bhavevaham”. Brahmas could only here the voice of the Buddha, but they could not see the Buddha at all. This verse appears in Brahmanimantanika Sutta, Mula Pannasa Pali.


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