Title- Yuganaddhaka-Treatise on Samatha & Vipassana-Translation & Explanation E-book

A Short Preface

Yuganaddhakatha was taught by Venerable Sariputta after he had listened to the Yuganaddha Sutta, admonished by Venerable Ananda.Venerable Sariputta and Venerable Ananda were two of the greatest disciples of the Buddha. This Sutta is about the four ways of meditation practiced by disciples who attained Arahantship. These are-

(1) Vipassana preceded by Samatha,
(2) Samatha preceded by Vipassana,
(3) The joined practice of Samatha and Vipassana,
(4) Removing Vipassanupakkilesa (Disturbance of Insight).

In this series of lectures, Sayadaw explains the meaning of these four ways of practice described in the Yuganaddha Sutta and clarifies it further with the texts on these four ways from the Patisambhidamagga.

This topic is actual, because there are often confusion and wrong ideas about the value and the way to practice Samatha and Vipassana, separately or joined together. It is important to penetrate the meaning of the several ways of practice. In this book, Sayadaw explains these ways of practice in detail, following Yuganaddhakatha.

May this book bring much happiness to the readers and provide suitable conditions for the cultivation of wisdom leading to the attainment of Nibbana.

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