Title- The Great Teacher-Collected Dhamma Discourses By Ven Nandamalabhivamsa E-book

The Great Teacher contains seven Dhamma talks that venerable dr.Nandamalabhivamsa gave in Myanmar. Each discourse illuminates various aspects of the Noble Eighfold Path. The selection of talks is made with an English reading audience in mind. The topics cover both theory and practice. We hope that these discourses will serve comprehension of the Dhamma and support the practice that leads to the pure and peaceful state.



☸ Discourses


(1) The Great Teacher
(2) Live with Mindfulness and Clear Comprehension
(3) The Liberated Mind
(4) Samatha and Vipassana
(5) Thought of Mind
(6) Live with a Heart of Loving-kindness
(7) Metta Bhavana


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