Title- Our Famous Shwedagon Pagoda @ Yangon, Myanmar!


“The Shwedagon Pagoda stands magnificently on top of Singuttara Hill, where relics___the walking stick of KAKUSANDHA BUDDHA, the water filter of KONAGAMANA BUDDHA, the lower robe of KASSAPA BUDDHA—were enshrined together with the hairs of our GOTAMA BUDDHA in what became Shwedagon Pagoda’s relics chamber.”

“All 4 of the already appeared Buddhas’ relics were enshrined in this famous Pagoda, which is also one of the world’s wonders! In our world, namely Badda, 4 out of 5 Buddhas already appeared, namely, KAKUSANDHA, KONAGAMANA, KASSAPA, and our GOTAMA BUDDHAS! The name of the last BUDDHA who will be appeared is ARIMETTAYA!”


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