Title- Pattidana (Sharing Merits)

Pattidana means sharing one’s merits with others after doing some good deeds. One who has performed some meritorious deeds should share one’s merit with others so that they may also gain the same benefit. One must share one’s merit with the King of Hell (Yama) for  he always questions those who reach Niraya whether they had performed some meritorious deeds in their past existences in order to enable him to send them to good destination. {See detailed facts about that in my older post Title-Devadutta Sutta- https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205078569256943&set=g.414213265302134&type=1&theater}. Besides, one has to share one’s merit with one’s parents, grandparents, and all sentient beings living in the thirty-one planes of existences.

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