Title- Dependent Origination-The Buddhist Law of Conditionality E-book

☸ Introduction

The teaching of causal interdependence is the most important of Buddhist principles. It describes the law of nature, which exists as the natural course of things. The Buddha was no emissary of heavenly commandments, but the discoverer of this principle of the natural order, and the proclaimer of its truth to the world.

The progression of causes and conditions is the reality which applies to all things, from the natural environment, which is an external, physical condition, to the events of human society, ethical principles, life events and the happiness and suffering which manifest in our own minds. These systems of causal relationship are part of the one natural truth. Our happiness within this natural system depends on having some knowledge of how it works and practicing correctly within it, through addressing problems on the personal, social, and environmental levels. Given that all things are interconnected, and all are affecting each other, success in dealing with the world lies in creating harmony within it.

☸ Contents

۞ 1-An Overview of Dependent Origination

Types of Dependent Origination found in the texts
1. The general principle
2. The principle in effect

۞ 2-Interpreting Dependent Origination

The essential meaning

۞ 3-Man and Nature

۞ 4-The Standard Format

The main factors
1. Ignorance and craving-clinging
2. Volitional impulses and becoming
3. Consciousness to feeling, and birth, aging and death

۞ 5-Other Interpretations

Preliminary definition
How the links connect
An example of Dependent Origination in everyday life

۞ 6-The Nature of Defilement

۞ 7-Dependent Origination in Society

۞ 8-The Middle Teaching

۞ 9-Breaking the Cycle

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