Title- Kamma At Death & Rebirth By Ven Nandamalabhivamsa E-book

☸ Preface

“Kamma At Death & Rebirth” Is A Selection of Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa’s Lectures & Dhamma Talks Given Throughout The Years At Several Venues In Myanmar & Abroad In The Netherlands, Singapore & Malaysia.

“Like Travellers We Make Our Way Through Life Beginning In Our Mother’s Womb. At Some Time Or Another We’ll Have To Disembark At The Journey’s End Each Holding On To Kamma’s Ticket, We Are Bound For Our Respective Destination”.

In “Kamma At Death & Rebirth” Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa Explains The Process Whereby Kamma Takes Over Us Just Before Death To Sow Its Seed For The Next Life.

Along The Way Sayadaw Clears Up Some Common Misconceptions About Ghosts, An Interim Life Before Rebirth, Reincarnation, And So On. Asking “Who Is It Who Shifts From One Life To The Next?” And “Who Peforms Kamma & Receives Its Results?” He Dismisses The Notion of A Permanent Entity or Soul. Issues Such As Cloning & The Efficacy of Prayer To Stop Kamma Are Also Raised.


☸ (1) Life’s Conclusion

☸ (2) Lottery Draw At Death

☸ (3) The Last Object In Life

☸ (4) Kamma Sows Its Seed At Death

☸ (5) No Waiting List For Rebirth

☸ (6) Patisandhi: The Link To Samsara

☸ (7) U Ba & Maung Hla: The Same Or Two Different Persons?

☸ (8) Who Is Reborn?

☸ (9) How To Stop Kamma

☸ (10) Travelling With Kamma’s Ticket

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