Title- An Exposition of The Mangala Sutta By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The Maṅgala Sutta is found in the Suttanipāta. The Suttanipāta contains the three most popular Paritta Suttas: Metta Sutta, Maṅgala Sutta, and Ratana Sutta, and many other important Suttas, such as the Kasībhāradvāja Sutta, Parābhava Sutta, Vasala Sutta, Salla Sutta, and Vāseṭṭha Sutta.


۞ The Maṅgala Sutta

۞ The Pāḷi Text

۞ Translation

۞ Explanation of the Discourse

۞ Blessing:

1. Not to Associate with Fools
2. To Associate with the Wise
3. To Honour Those Worthy of Honour
4. Living in a Suitable Locality
5. Good Deeds Done in the Past
6. Setting Oneself in the Right Course
7. Great Learning
8. Practical Skills
9. A Highly Trained Discipline
10. Well-spoken Speech
11. Looking After One’s Mother and Father
12. Caring for One’s Wife and Children
13. Unconfused Actions
14. Generosity
15. A Righteous Life
16. Caring for One’s Relatives
17. Blameless Actions
18. To Abhor All Evil
19. To Avoid All Evil
20. Abstention from Intoxicants
21. Diligence in Righteousness
22. Reverence
23. Humility
24. Contentment
25. Gratitude
26. Hearing the Dhamma at the Right Time
27. Patience
28. Compliance
29. Seeing the Monks
30. Opportune Discussion of the Dhamma
31. Self-restraint
32. A Holy Life
33. Seeing the Four Noble Truths
34. Realising Nibbāna
35. A Mind That Remains Unshaken
36. Sorrowless
37. Stainless
38. Secure

۞ The Seven Stages of Purity

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