Title- An Exposition of The Dhammacakka Sutta By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The full title is the Dhammacakkap­pavattana Sutta, but it is widely known as the Dhammacakka Sutta. It is a Buddhist text that is considered to be a record of the first teaching given by Gautama Buddha after he attained enlightenment. According to tradition, the Buddha gave this teaching in Sarnath, India, to the “five ascetics”, his former companions with whom he had spent six years practicing austerities. The main topic of this sutta is the Four Noble Truths, which are the central teachings of Buddhism that provide a unifying theme, or conceptual framework, for all of Buddhist thought. This sutta also introduces the Buddhist concepts of the Middle Way, impermanence, and dependent origination.


☸ Introduction

☸ The Middle Path

         ⊙ The First Noble Truth

         ⊙ The Second Noble Truth

         ⊙ The Third Noble Truth

         ⊙ The Fourth Noble Truth

☸ The Buddha’s Understanding of the Truth

☸ The Buddha’s Claim of Enlightenment

         ⊙ Koṇḍañña Realises the Truth

         ⊙ The Devas Rejoice

         ⊙ The Great Earthquake

☸ The Buddha Praises Koṇḍañña

☸ A Guide to Pronunciation

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