Title- The Heart of Buddhism By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The book emphasizes the importance of the Vinaya rules and draws awareness for not only monks but everybody.


ღ The Heart of Buddhism

ღ Grades of Offences

          ☘ Offences of Defeat (Pārājika)

          ☘ Offences Entailing A Formal Meeting (Saṅghādisesa)

          ☘ Indeterminate Offences (Aniyata)

          ☘ Grave Offences (Thullaccaya)

          ☘ Expiation with Forfeiture (Nissaggiya Pācittiya)

ღ Unrighteous Giving (Adhammadāna)

          ☘ Offences Requiring Expiation (Pācittiya)

          ☘ Confession (Pāṭidesanīya)

          ☘ Offences of Wrong-doing (Dukkaṭa)

ღ Rules Outside of the Pātimokkha

          ☘ The Lesser and Minor Training Rules

          ☘ The Importance of the Pātimokkha

ღ The Skillful Way to Relax

          ☘ Rules That Lay Supporters Need to Know

ღ Becoming a Refined Buddhist

          ☘ Relinquish Greed, Practise Renunciation

          ☘ Conquer Hatred, Develop Loving-kindness

          ☘ Eradicate Delusion, Cultivate Wisdom

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