Title- An Exposition of The Ratana Sutta By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The Buddha taught this discourse to Venerable Ānanda when Vesāli was plagued by disease, famine, and evil spirits. Venerable Ānanda walked around inside the walls of Vesāli sprinkling holy water from the Buddha’s alms-bowl and reciting this Ratana Sutta.


❖ The Pāḷi Text

❖ The Discourse on Precious Jewels

❖ Explanation of the Discourse

❖ Verse One: May All Deities Listen Attentively

❖ Verse Two: Request to Deities to be Heedful

❖ Verse Three: The Buddha is Incomparable

❖ Verse Four: Nibbāna is the Supreme Bliss

❖ Verse Five: The Path Gives Instant Benefits

❖ Verse Six: Noble Ones Are Worthy of Offerings

❖ Verse Seven: Arahants Have No Mental Suffering

❖ Verse Eight: Having Stable Morality

❖ Verse Nine: Not Reborn an Eighth Time

❖ Verse Ten: Free from Doubt

❖ Verse Eleven: Scrupulous Integrity

❖ Verse Twelve: Dhamma Leads to Arahantship

❖ Verse Thirteen: The Buddha is Excellent

❖ Verse Fourteen: The Arahants Are Not Reborn

❖ Verses 15–17: Salutation to the Triple Gems

❖ Buddha Images

❖ The Value of the Triple Gems

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