Title- The Shortest Route to Nibbana By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

I suppose that most who wish to attain the end of suffering would like to do so as quickly and easily as possible. To that end I will relate the story of Bāhiya Dārucīriya, who was extolled by the Buddha as the one pre-eminent in the speed of attainment (khippābhiññānaṃ).


✄ The Story of Bāhiya Dārucīriya

✄ Exceptional Perfections

      ✄ How Long Does it Take ?

✄ Knowing Realities in the Present

      ✄ Right Concentration

      ✄ Attributes of the First Absorption

✄ The Method of Insight Meditation

      ✄ No Shortcuts, but Plenty of Diversions

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