Title- An Exposition of The Mahaparinibbana Sutta By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The Mahāparinibbāna Sutta is not a single discourse like most others in the Suttanta Piṭaka, but an historical account of the last year or so of the Buddha’s life. It is similar in style to the Vinaya Mahāvagga, which describes the period following the Buddha’s Enlightenment, his first teaching of the Dhamma, the going forth of the first disciples, and the spreading of the Dhamma.

This discourse contains the Buddha’s final instructions, thus it is very important for the preservation of the Buddha’s dispensation. Every Buddhist should know about the important teachings contained in this Sutta.

The Sutta begins when the Blessed One was dwelling on Vulture’s Peak near Rājagaha. At that time, King Ajātasattu wanted to wage war against the Vajjians, but he was not sure that he could defeat them. He therefore sent his minister, Vassakāra Brahmin, to the Buddha to find out, instructing him to listen attentively to what was said.


ஐ Foreword

ஐ An Exposition of the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta

ஐ The Book of the Great Decease

ஐ Vassakāra the Brahmin

ஐ Factors for the Non-decline of Rulers

ஐ Factors for Non-decline of Monks

ஐ Venerable Sāriputta’s Lion’s Roar

ஐ The Dangers of Immorality

ஐ The Benefits of Morality

ஐ The Construction of Pāṭaliputta

ஐ The Account of the Four Noble Truths

ஐ Those Destined for Enlightenment

ஐ The Exposition on the Mirror of the Dhamma

ஐ Ambapālī the Courtesan

ஐ Observing the Rains Retreat at Beḷuva

ஐ The Account of Giving a Hint

ஐ The Account of Māra’s Request

ஐ Renouncing the Remaining Lifespan

ஐ The Causes of Great Earthquakes

ஐ The Eight Kinds of Assembly

ஐ The Eight Stages of Mastery

ஐ The Eight Liberations 

ஐ The Account of Venerable Ānanda’s Request

ஐ The Elephant’s Gaze

ஐ The Four Great References

ஐ The Story of Cunda Kammāvaraputta

ஐ The Bringing of Drinking Water

ஐ The Story of Pukkusa Mallaputta

ஐ The Twin Sal Trees

ஐ The Venerable Upavāṇa

ஐ The Four Places that Arouse Devotion

ஐ The Account of Venerable Ānanda’s Questions

ஐ The Four Individuals Worthy of a Pagoda

ஐ Venerable Ānanda’s Special Qualities

ஐ The Teaching of the Mahāsudassana Sutta

ஐ The Homage of the Mallas

ஐ The Story of the Wanderer Subhadda

ஐ The Buddha’s Last Words

ஐ The Account of the Final Decease

ஐ Honouring the Buddha’s Body

ஐ The Story of Venerable Mahākassapa

ஐ Partition of the Relics

ஐ Honouring the Relics with a Pagoda

ஐ The Ten Pagodas


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