Title- Healing Through Mindfulness By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The Buddha’s teaching is all about suffering and its removal. He was like a skilled physician who first diagnoses a disease, and then prescribes a remedy for that disease. An unskilled physician fails in his or her duty to carry out a thorough clinical examination of the patient and therefore makes an incorrect diagnosis, and prescribes an incorrect course of treatment. The patient is not cured, and may get more seriously ill or die sooner than if not treated at all. A correct diagnosis is therefore vital.



🌱 Four Causes of Disease

          🌱 What is Suffering ?

🌱 How Mindfulness Heals

          🌱 Sense Contact is Unavoidable

          🌱 Curable and Incurable Diseases

🌱 Faith Healing

          🌱 The Dhajagga Sutta

          🌱 The Ratana Sutta

          🌱 The Bojjhaṅga Paritta

          🌱 The Aṅgulimāla Sutta

🌱 Seeing Things as They Truly Are

          🌱 The Girimānanda Sutta

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