Title- An Exposition of The Salla Sutta By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The Salla Sutta is found in the Suttanipāta. The Suttanipāta contains the three most popular Paritta Suttas: Metta Sutta, Maṅgala Sutta, and Ratana Sutta, and many other important Suttas, such as the Dhaniya Sutta, Khaggavisāṇa Sutta, Kasībhāradvāja Sutta, Hemavata Sutta, the Āḷavaka Sutta, Āmagandha Sutta, Parābhava Sutta, Vasala Sutta, and Vāseṭṭha Sutta.

The Buddha taught the Salla Sutta for the benefit of a certain householder whose son had died. Unable to abandon his grief, the householder had not eaten for seven days.

Although the three main protection discourses are frequently recited, and the Parābhava Sutta is taught in Sri Lankan schools, I have never heard the Salla Sutta taught before. It is the most appropriate when performing memorial services.



💎 The Pāḷi Text

💎 Translation

💎 Explanation of the Discourse

💎 There Is No Indication of Life-span

💎 Death Is Inevitable

💎 Kamma Can Bear Fruit at Any Time

💎 Life Is Fragile

💎 Everyone Is Subject to Death

💎 No One Can Prevent Death

💎 Relatives Have to Watch Helplessly

💎 The Wise Do Not Grieve

💎 The Past and Future Lives Are Unknown

💎 Lamenting is Unwholesome Kamma

💎 Grieving Has No Benefit

💎 Grieving Only Harms Oneself

💎 Grieving Leads to Greater Sorrow

💎 See How Beings Fear Death

💎 Disappointment Comes From Vain Hopes

💎 No One Is Immortal

💎 Heed the Buddha’s Advice to Give Up Grief

💎 Extinguish Grief At Once

💎 Extract the Arrow

💎 Having Extracted the Arrow One Is Sorrowless

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