Title- An Exposition of The Satipatthana Sutta By Bhikkhu Pesala E-book

The translation is based partly on that by published the Burma Piṭaka Association, which often refers to the Commentary for clarification of the meaning. I have done my best to make it easy to read and understand rather than striving for literal accuracy.

At the First Buddhist Council, when Mahākassapa questioned the Venerable Ānanda about this discourse, the Venerable Ānanda replied, “Thus have I heard,” and first gave the details of where it was given, and to whom.

The discourse was given when the Blessed One was dwelling among the Kurū people near the market town of Kammāsadhamma. It should be inferred that the Blessed One was dwelling near the market town, as the monks did not usually stay in built up areas, but in forest groves, cemeteries, or parks on the outskirts. The Jetavana monastery donated to the Saṅgha by Anāthapiṇḍika, for example, was formerly a royal pleasure park belonging to prince Jeta. The text doesn’t actually say where the discourse was given, but simply states that Kammāsadhamma was a market town of the Kurū people. The rest has to be inferred.

The Uddesa, or introduction to the discourse was given by the Blessed One himself, after getting the attention of the assembled monks.

Ekāyano ayaṃ, bhikkhave, maggo sattānaṃ visuddhiyā, soka­paridevānaṃ samatikkamāya dukkhadomanassānaṃ atthaṅgamāya ñāyassa adhigamāya nibbānassa sacchikiriyāya, yadidaṃ cattāro satipaṭṭhānā ”.

“ This is the only way, monks, for the purification of beings, for the transcendence of grief and lamentation, for the extinguishing of pain and sorrow, for attaining the right method, for the realisation of nibbāna, that is to say the four foundations of mindfulness ”.



🌼 Foreword

🌼 An Exposition of the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta

🌼 Introduction

🌼  Body Contemplation: Mindfulness of Breathing Section

🌼 Body Contemplation: Four Postures Section

🌼 Body Contemplation: Clear Comprehension Section

🌼 Body Contemplation: Attention to Repulsiveness Section

🌼 Body Contemplation: Attention to the Elements Section

🌼 Body Contemplation: Nine Cemetery Objects Section

🌼 Contemplation of Feelings

🌼 Contemplation of Thoughts

🌼 Contemplation of Mental-objects: Hindrances Section

🌼 Contemplation of Mental-objects: Aggregates Section

🌼 Contemplation of Mental-objects: Sense Faculties Section

🌼 Contemplation of Mental-objects: Enlightenment Factors ­Section

🌼 Contemplation of Mental-objects: The Truths Section

🌼 The Exposition of the Truth of Suffering

🌼 The Exposition of the Truth of the Cause

🌼 The Exposition of the Truth of Cessation

🌼 The Exposition of the Truth of the Path

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