Title- Visuddhi-Nana-Kattha (Summary of Discourses on Purity and Insight) By Ven Mahasi Sayadaw E-book

This is a summary of the discourse on Visuddhi (Purity) and Vipassana-nana (Insight). The full discourse is usually given by Bhaddanta Sobhana Maha Thera, Aggamahapandita, Mahasi Sayadaw, for the benefit of those disciples who have taken the full course of practical training in moral and mental culture (The Satipatthana Vipassana) in order to gain insight.

The discourse gives a general view of the facts in respect of Visuddhi and Vipassana-nana in order to enable each disciple to compare with his own experiences gained during the training and to decide for himself what stage he has reached in regard to maturity of insight. A disciple will have to develop through seven stages of Visuddhi and seventeen stages of Vipassana-nana.

This book gives a brief description of each of (1) Sotapanna, (2) Nibbana, (3) Four Noble Truths and the manner of perceiving them, (4) Stages of Visuddhi and Vipassana-nana, and (5) Five Samyojanas from which a Sotapanna is freed.

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