Title- Vicikiccha (Doubt, Scepticism)



Vicikiccha is doubt or scepticism on the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Samgha. It is wavering between belief and disbelief. Examples of sceptical doubts are:    



1. Is there the Omniscient Buddha?
2. Can one attain Nibbana if one follows the Eightfold Path?
3. Is he a bhikkhu of good conduct? (In spite of seeing a bhikkhu of good conduct).
4. Can we get any benefit from observing wholesome moral precepts?
5. Do we have past existences? Or are we created in this life by an Eternal God?
6. Are there future lives? Is death the termination of everything?
7. Can one’s moral and immoral deeds influence the forthcoming series of lives(khandhas)? (Doubt about kamma).
8. Can one enjoy the consequences of good deeds? (Doubt about results of kamma).

9. Is it true that due to avijja (ignorance) there arise sankharas, volitional actions or mental formations? (Doubt about Paticcasamuppada, the Law of Dependent Origination). 



Therefore only scepticism about the Buddha and so on should be understood as Vicikiccha. 



Doubts Which Are Not Vicikiccha 



Doubts in the meaning of words and sentences, or doubts as to which route to follow on a journey, etc., do not constitute Vicikiccha. Even Arahants sometimes have doubts on the meaning of Vinaya Rules, whether such an act is in accordance with the Vinaya or not. In this case it is not Vicikiccha. It simply is conjecturing or discursive thinking, Vitakka. Only scepticism on the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Samgha amounts to Vicikiccha. 



When scepticism or doubts arise they should be dispelled by asking the learned. Only then can there be complete faith and reverence in the Three Jewels. 




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