Title- Venerable Mahagandhayon Sayadaw’s Homily Part-1


The late Sayādaw U Janakābhivaṃsa, also known as Mahāgandhayon Sayādaw, devoted his life to teaching Buddhist studies (pariyatti) to many hundreds of monks. In Burma the fame of his monastery is perhaps comparable to that of Oxford University in England, and many young monks wish to go there to study. He followed the vinaya very strictly, and worked tirelessly for the preservation of the sāsana.



All People Are Stupid

1. All people are stupid unless they have attained enlightenment.

Since the Arising of the Buddha

2. Throughout the infinite round of rebirths one could never before have gained the kind of wisdom that one could get after the Buddha appeared.

No Being is Afraid

3. No being is afraid until it gets into trouble.

No One Can Help You

4. If the trouble that you are in is of the kind that nobody can help
you out of, then telling anybody about it will not do you any good.

No Guarantee

5. If you have not yet attained the state of moral purity, there is no guarantee that you have got the right view for your journey in saṃsāra.


6. People are born, grow old, and die heedlessly. In fact, they should prepare themselves for old age, sickness, and death after they have got the necessities of life.

Base and Ignoble

7. Some religious people have contempt for other’s religions. This is base and ignoble.

Materialists are Fools

8. Those who encourage materialism to flourish in the world are
fools. [Delusion (moha) exists in all non-Arahants].

Religious People Beware!

9. Religious people beware! Science will reject anything that does not conform to reason, anything that does not accord with the law of cause and effect.

Not Only One Life

10. Look to the series of existences you have gone through, not
only to your situation in this transitory life.


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