Title- Venerable Mahagandhayon Sayadaw’s Homily Part-2


The late Sayādaw U Janakābhivaṃsa, also known as Mahāgandhayon Sayādaw, devoted his life to teaching Buddhist studies (pariyatti) to many hundreds of monks. In Burma the fame of his monastery is perhaps comparable to that of Oxford University in England, and many young monks wish to go there to study. He followed the vinaya very strictly, and worked tirelessly for the preservation of the sāsana.


Work Earnestly

11. Some people want to attain the Dhamma without working
earnestly for it.

Hard to Attain

12. Few people are reborn as human beings. Even as human beings, few have come into the scope of the Buddha’s teachings. Even if one is a Buddhist, one can rarely become a true Buddhist.

Worthy of Respect

13. A person who deserves respect ought to have the qualities of
morality, concentration, and wisdom.

Aiming Too High

14. People are not satisfied with their own position in life, and are
always aiming too high.

Heed the Buddha’s Advice

15. The Buddha cannot save you if you take shelter in this dispensation without heeding his advice.


16. Serenity, or concentration, is of great value. The discovery of the atom was due to concentrated effort.

Do Charity on Your Birthday

17. If you want to do some meritorious deed for your birthday you should be doing it always, for you are born and you die in every moment.

Sacrifice A Small Gain

18. Greed increases: if you can expect a gain of a thousand, you will forgo a hundred. Naturally, if you want to achieve a greater gain, you must sacrifice a smaller gain.


19. One’s life-span is not shorter because of living a good life, nor is it longer by living in dissipation.

Good Results Take Time

20. Good results take time to mature whereas bad results are often


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