Title- Samudaya Sacca: The Truth of The Cause/Origin of Suffering (2nd Explanation)

According to the view point and realization of Ariya Noble Persons, all kinds of disharmony, anguish, uneasiness, sufferings are caused by:

(1) Attachment to each and every item of five sensual pleasures (lust, greed),
(2) Attachment to life/existence due to the belief in eternalism,
(3) Attachment to nihilism/annihilationism.

Thus in 31 planes of existence, these three lusts create births, deaths and rebirths again. Tanha means lust, greed, attachment, liking, taking delight. Thus it causes to create births in many planes of existences. Rebirths have to appear because of tanha.

The function and scope of tanha is full of variety of spheres: attachment towards five sensual pleasures, worldly things, wealth, status, rank, power, etc.

Moreover, even ideas, imaginations, views, beliefs, faiths, etc. are loved by worldlings. So in this world we often find conflicts, wars, disputes, rivalries, competitions due to tanha. Tanha causes dukkha. This means perplexity, complexity, doubt, confusion, problem in life. All dangers, difficulties, problems have to arise because of tanha- selfishness, or greed.

In this world common people everywhere take a firm belief in eternalism, to continued life, to live in so-called Heaven or permanent bliss. So due to these will-to-live as volitional will (cetana) that prompts and infliences mind processes, together with desire, becomes the strongest evil force in the world. All bodily activities may stop their functions but the forces of tanha will not stop in one life only. At death other existences appear by one’s own lust of life. Rebirths are possible and also realities as “will-to-live” is very strong in worldings.

In this life bhava (becoming and birth) is quiet clear and evident. In the same way, if there is volition will and wrong view of life, there shall be samsaric countless lives in future. The force of tanha, will desire is very tremendous in each event of life so there are series of lives too as khandha-sequences. Inevitably new existence comes.

Tanha mistakes life to be good, possessing essence or soul. Thus cycles of existences show themselves as the work of tanha, here and hereafter. For example, if starting engines are fueled and instigated you have factories running in great force as well as by making various kinds of products. In the same way, tanha impels, tanha instigates, tanha makes all kinds of planes, existences in various universes. Only when this “lust-of-life” is eliminated, then samsaric lives are stopped for ever. This signifies one has attained the Truth of the cessation of both dukkha and tanha, i.e. one realizes Nibbanic Truth in this very life. By means of Magga wisdom-insight one shall realize Nibbanic peace and purity, cutting off samsara!

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