Title- Pattanumodana (Rejoicing At Merits Shared)

Pattanumodana means rejoicing in others’ meritorious deeds and saying “well-done” when one sees, hears or knows them. When one rejoices in others’ meritorious deeds happily and earnestly, one will acquire a great deal of good karma which will bear good results in many future existences. Even when one cannot perform meritorious deeds by oneself, one can say “well-done” “(Sadhu)”joyfully and sincerely to other’s good deeds. The acts of sharing one’s merit and rejoicing in others’ good deeds resemble the act of lighting a candle from another lighted candle. The flame of the lighted candle does not lose any of its brightness, and it enables other candles to get similar flames and burn brightly. In the same way, one who shares his merit with others will not lose any of his merit. Besides, he gains additional merit, while he helps others who rejoices in his merit to gain the same benefits as he does.

When miserable beings (Petas) rejoice and say “well-done” “(Sadhu)” to the merits shared out to them, these acts of merit can bear fruits immediately. Various celestial beings and miserable beings such as Paradattupajivi Petas and Vemanika Petas, who sustain their lives on others’ giving, can enjoy the bliss and happiness of good merit as soon as they say “well-done””(Sadhu)” to others’ meritorious deeds. The case of King Bimbissara and the Petas who were his relatives in former existences clearly illustrates that sharing of merit is beneficial to those who have passed away. Therefore, one who performs meritorious deeds should share one’s merit with all, especially, with one’s relatives who have passed away.

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