Title- Recognizing The Dhamma By Thanissaro Bhikkhu E-book

The Buddha taught eight principles for recognizing what qualifies as Dhamma and Vinaya, and what does not. They form the standards against which the validity of any interpretation of the Dhamma or Vinaya must be judged. They are an indispensible guide in solitary practice and illustrate the application of his teachings in the well-known Kalama Sutta.



۞ Introduction

۞ The Eight Principles

          ۞ 1. Dispassion

          ۞ 2. Being Unfettered

          ۞ 3. Shedding

          ۞ 4. Modesty

          ۞ 5. Contentment

          ۞ 6. Seclusion

          ۞ 7. Persistence

          ۞ 8. Being Unburdensome


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