Title- Vipassana Meditation Guidelines By Chanmyay Sayadaw E-book

Vipassana or Insight meditation is above all, an experimental practice, based on the systematic and balanced development of a precise and focused awareness. By observing one’s moment-to-moment mind/body processes, from a place of investigative attention, insight arises into the true nature of life and experiences.

Through the wisdom acquired by using insight meditation one is able to live more freely and relate to the world around with less clinging, fear and confusion. Thus one’s life becomes increasingly directed by consideration, compassion and clarity.



This collection of ‘sayings’ by Sayadaw U Janaka is from his teachings given during the1983 retreat he led at the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre in Penang. They were originally compiled by Venerable Sujiva, partly from evening Dhamma talks, but mainly from the daily interviews with the meditators at the retreat.

At the context of these ‘sayings’ was mostly the interview situation between teacher and individual student, it would therefore be most useful to read them as if they were personal instruction and advice from the meditation master.

The original (1983) booklet was revised by Venerable Pannavaro for the benefit of meditators who took part in Sayadaw U Janaka’s 1989 Vipassana meditation retreats in Australia.

It was revised by Bhikkhu Pesala in 1996 and again in 2015.



The Practice


۞ 1. Mental Noting 

۞ 2. Sitting Meditation

۞ 3. Walking Meditation

۞ 4. Mindfulness of Daily Activities 

۞ 5. Pain and Patience

۞ 6. Noting Mental States




۞ The Eight Precepts

۞ Guidance For Interviews


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