Title- Offering Flowers and Fragrance


I offer these beautiful flowers and fragrance to the compassionate Buddha who is endowed with the infinite accumulation of glory, merit and wisdom. Owing to my deed of this merit, may I realize Nibbana as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Offering Flowers and Fragrance

Owing to this donation, one can be reborn in the celestial realm or in the human existence for one lakh world cycles. And in his final existence, he will attain Nibbana. There are many stories describing the benefits of offering flowers and fragrance.

A Story Showing The Benefits of Offering Flowers

Once the Venerable Maha Moggallana Bikkhu went to the celestial realm. When he reached there, he saw a great splendid mansion among the colorful flowers blooming not only in water but also on land.

One celestial maiden resided there together with her attendants. When the Maha Bikkhu saw her, he asked her about the meritorious deeds of her past existence.

The celestial maiden replied thus, “Once I was called Pesavati and I lived in Najaka village which is on the eastern side of Rajagaha City. One day I met the Venerable Sariputta Bikkhu and with much reverence I donated him many flowers. Thereby I can live peacefully in this grand mansion”.

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