Title- Refuge-An Introduction To The Buddha Dhamma & Samgha By Thanissaro Bhikkhu E-book

A short introduction to the basic principles of Buddhism. Included are readings drawn from the earliest Buddhist texts and essays explaining aspects of the Triple Refuge that often provoke questions in those who are new to the Buddha’s teachings.




۞ Preface

۞ I. Introduction

            ۞ Going for Refuge

۞ II. Readings

            ۞ Buddha

            ۞ Dhamma

                      ۞ Basic Principles

                      ۞ Generosity

                      ۞ Virtue

                      ۞ Heaven

                      ۞ Drawbacks

                      ۞ Renunciation

                      ۞ The Four Noble Truths

                      ۞ Liberation

            ۞ Sangha

۞ III. Essays

            ۞ Buddha

                      ۞ The Meaning of the Buddha’s Awakening

            ۞ Dhamma  

                      ۞ Life Isn’t Just Suffering

                      ۞ No-self or Not-self ?

                      ۞ Nibbana

            ۞ Sangha

                      ۞ The Economy of Gifts

            ۞ Summary

                      ۞ A Refuge in Skillful Action

۞ Glossary

۞ Abbreviations

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