Title- Detailed Explanation of The Dependent Origination (Paticcasamuppada)-Part 5


Meaning of the Reverse Dependent Origination


Origination  by Dispelling Ignorance, the Light of Insight-Wisdom Shines




According to this subtle, noble teaching, if all Ignorances totally ceases, the aim of life is attained here and now. In true, original Buddha-Dhamma, the chief aim of liberation is to get the cessation of Ignorance in a complete, total way. If Ignorance ceases in heart and mind, all subsequent dukkhas (resultant-effects or sequences) do not follow: all links or chains are broken by the cessation of ignorance. In the natural order of the Dependent Origination arising causes are many and many and diverse also. Moreover, the consequences or effects are complex and different too. In the reverse order (patiloma) the main factor is one only without any complexity and diversity, since there is neither occurrence nor result. Only “cessation” or “stopping” alone matters so that no results arises as one cessation alone is sufficient to stop the complex process in the stream of life. In reverse cessation is the main point to do.



For example, banyan seed can generate many diverse cases or many features in different way. The seed gives rise to root, trunk, banyan tree which again produces branches, leaves, fruits. From banyan fruits, seeds come again to give sprouts, stems, trunks, trees and so on. The natural production process is diverse as well as endless. We get different things___banyan branches, banyan trunks, banyan fruits, banyan leaves and others. They are different. If banyan seed alone is destroyed, no diverse products occur. All diverse features are stopped forever. If seed is absent no sprout can come into being, and other complexities also cease. Even branches and fruits cease to exist. Herein the destruction of seed means this one must not be put into the ground, and it must be burnt completely before it reaches or touches the ground. Thus total burning-up of one seed alone is the greatest deed and stoppage of all subsequent processes of diversity and complexity. All productions now cease by the destruction of a seed.



In the same way the technical, holy term “cessation” (nirodha) or “stoppage” means the sacredness of Nibbana___Nibbanic lasting happiness. So to dispel, to eradicate Avijja, a devotee needs only Vijja-Insight-Wisdom. What is Insight-Wisdom in the Teaching? Vijja-Insight-Wisdom means:





Dukkhe nanam, dukkha samudaye nanam,

Dukkha nirodhe nanam, dukkha nirodha , gaminiya patipadaya nanam.





1.    The Insight-Wisdom that reveals the noble truth of suffering.

2.    The Insight-Wisdom that reveals the noble truth of the cause of suffering.

3.  The Insight-Wisdom that reveals the noble truth of the cessation of suffering (Nibbana).

4.    The Insight-Wisdom that reveals the Way to the cessation of suffering (Magga Sacca).




Thus in daily life there are only Vijja leading to the revelation of the Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca).




If we want to get rid of the process that gives rise to the endless banyan-tree with many features, our only duty and responsibility is to get rid of a seed and destroy it completely before it touches the ground. The seed must be burnt into ashes or crushed totally. Within the cessation of essences inside the seed, all are destroyed together in total way___its sprout, trunk, stem, branch, fruit, and seed again. All others are destroyed by the destruction of the seed, once and for all.




In the same way those who understand the cycle of life___ups and downs of life___and piously want to liberate from all types of suffering must kill or destroy ignorance (Avijja=Moha=Wrongness). This alone is our main duty everyday to win liberation, purity and true peace. Nothing else matters; only Ignorance must be destroyed totally, directly. Then all remaining circles are destroyed by one stroke.




Avijja is overcome by Vijja-Insight Wisdom or knowledge. Vijja wins over Avijja. Even good moral restraint (sila, morality) cannot kill or dispel Avijja. Vijja-Insight-Wisdom alone is the one which kills Ignorance. Darkness is won by light only. So alms-giving (generosity, moral restraint and other types are mere adjuncts/accessories to Vipassana Insight Meditation.




Since human and divine beings are under the sway of Ignorance, only the revealing/liberating insight wisdom of knowledge of the basic truth of life (suffering/dukkha-sacca) alone is necessary. One must drive away the darkness of Ignorance by the light of insight-wisdom which alone dispels it. Vijja light is the only one which wins over Avijja darkness. So to uncover and get rid of remaining three truths of life must be dispelled by corresponding Vijja-Insight-Wisdom lights.




Among these four Ignorances, the basic one is the Ignorance of the truth of suffering___the highest darkness. To dispel the ignorance of the truth of suffering one should try to get Vipassana Mindfulness of the truth of suffering. When this huge, expanding darkness is dispelled the remaining three darkness are also gone. From previous countless lives, everyone lives under the influence of Ignorance. So, in this noble existence, in order to get insight-wisdom, one must constantly and steadfastly, by patience and mindfulness, watch the facts of sufferings, the truth of suffering. When insight-wisdom develops and matures one fully understands the truth of suffering completely.




We all should have the cessation of decay and death by cultivation of the light of wisdom, driving away the darkness of Ignorance everyday with noble persistent effect. This is the only direct, true way to Nibbana. Those who are driving away, getting rid of blindness achieve nobility by means of right effort, honest effort, respectful effort, honourable effort. By taking interest in this eradication of Ignorance , one becomes pure in moral life and one is also free from superficialities of life: one is free from entanglements and complexities. Even in this life or in the next, one is certain to win true, lasting freedom. (Anguttara Text).




Except the work of abandonment of Ignorance (freedom from foolishness), other jobs, motives and attitudes are expansions of sufferings, the promotion decay and death. With the growth of Ignorance one always suffers many deaths again and again. Ignorance impels Ignorance. Ignorance begets Ignorance, leading to repeated births and deaths.




The true, compelling cause of dukkha is Tanha, lust or attachment. With the thinning or dispelling of Tanha, one can do noble, liberating main work___to get salvation from all troubles worries. Avijja brings untold miseries since past lives so Vijja-Insight-Wisdom also brings true, lasting freedom. Those who cultivate attainment, lust, greed, and craving cannot follow the path of liberation: they wander in samsaric lives. They develop the power of Ignorance: they are shackled by Ignorance.




Therefore greed/craving/lust creates dukkha all the time in each sphere of life. Tanha is the cause of suffering.




Those who constantly practice mindfulness with calm minds, get true insight-wisdom. Sati follows immediately after insight-wisdom: here Sati comes later. In former existences, such noble mindfulness had powers so in the next good life, insight comes first, remembrance later. Such is the noble benefit of Sasana. Therefore monks and laity should practice mindfulness to get wisdom-insight. If they fail here, they are certain to win salvation in the heavenly abodes due to the power of the Eightfold Noble Path. Nothing is lost. When ignorance ceases, all dukkha cease: thus is the liberation from all rounds of dukkha. Freedom means the Right Method and Right Insight-Wisdom in this noble, original Sasana.




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